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Dash30 has been making his presence known on the scene of late with some impressive releases, all in the lead up to his debut EP and now he’s come through with ‘Make You Stay’, a gripping release filled with tantalising electronic production and emotionally fuelled lyricism.

In each of the singles on offer in ‘Make You Stay’, Dash30 provides an openness to his compositions that provide a platform for contemplation and ambiance whilst instilling a liveliness with the synths and drums igniting the mix to incredible heights. With soaring vocals depicting the real life experiences of relationships and healing, Dash30 provides catchy melodies in a laid back manner that float majestically throughout.

“The songs on my upcoming Make You Stay EP were written to describe the feelings and healing processes I go through when losing people I never thought I’d lose. Whether they were people I only spent quality time with or people I gave my all to, I wanted to put into words a reminder that not having control of losing valuable people was okay and essential to my emotional growth.” – Dash 30

Stream via: Moving Castle
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