Over the last few months Canadian artist Hotel Decor has given us two very awesome singles – ‘All The Rage’ & ‘Could It Take Me Any Longer’ – while also making promise of his debut ep coming our way very soon – and lucky for us, soon is now! 

“Could It Take Me Any Longer” is a modest four-track collection of songs which Csaba Laszlo (aka Hotel Decor) began writing just over a year ago. At that time Csaba was releasing music under the name NVY, but as he continued experimenting with different sounds & styles, he felt this new music was actually moving in a different direction to the NVY-vibe, and that a new project was the inevitable next phase in his musical evolution.

“This whole EP came together over the course of about a year. I really enjoyed making a collection of stylistically different songs. I decided to start doing vocals as I hit a pretty big stop with my previous project. It was an exciting project to work on as there wasn’t really any expectation as to what I would write or try to make. Especially with starting to do my own vocals, as I wanted to keep it as open ended as possible and write whatever I felt like. The tone of the entire EP ended up being me talking about the mundane and boxed in feelings I was experiencing.” – Hotel Decor

The ep is made up of the two previously heard singles ‘All The Rage’ and ‘Could It Take Me Any Longer, as well as two other previously unheard singles, ‘Maybe Not Tonight’ and ‘I Can’t Even Remember’, on which Csaba reveals..

“I Can’t Even Remember’ was the 3rd track I ended up finishing for the EP. I actually ended up finishing the vocal tracking on Halloween. The song is about me having a horrible attention span. My mind is constantly wandering even when it shouldn’t be. I produced the instrumental in ableton and it was originally just supposed to be a house instrumental for DJ sets. I really ended up liking the the looping repetitive nature of the track and cut out some space for vocals in the arrangement.”

“Could It Take Me Any Longer” is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.

Out now via: Mammal Sounds Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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