One of the most exciting duos to come out of the R&B space of recent time in LA-based Emotional Oranges have just come through with an exceptional new project ‘The Juicebox’, a delicious eight-track offering filled with pristine instrumentation and spell-binding melodies that results in yet another masterpiece from the duo.

Not only does ‘The Juicebox’ provide some of the most stunning soundscapes going around, but it includes one of the strongest collaborator lists we’ve seen this year, including Vince Staples, Channel Tres, Biig Piig, Becky G, Kiana Lede, Chiiild, THEY. and YENDRY. With each artist lifting the bar on the vocal front, Emotional Oranges ensure the foundations are as strong as ever with crunchy grooves, sublime bass riffs and stunning guitars that collectively set the mix on fire. 

“what a year. just grateful to be healthy and still doing what we love. we appreciate you sticking around and hope these songs bring a little bit of joy to your life this summer. the juicebox is an homage to our influences; we really tried to capture the emotions of our childhood. thank you to channel, yoni, jess, becky, vince, dante, drew, yendry and kiana for lending their perspectives and voices to the project. and love to everyone behind the scenes who continues to pave the way for these ideas to even be possible. see you soon, world…” – Emotional Oranges

Stream: Avant Garden / Island Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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