Internet sensation Yung Bae delivers a future funk/disco collaboration alongside the sultry tones of alternative hip-hop artist Channel Tres titled ‘Wonder’ that is extremely vibrant and captivating, and is sure to get your party started.

The confidence and charisma evident in ‘Wonder’ is displayed immediately in the early stages of the release through the playful yet commanding percussion on offer that smashes through your speakers and works in cohesion with the revitalising strings in the backdrop that provide a brightness to the colour palate. When we are introduced to the smooth and deep vocals from Channel Tres, it provides so much swagger and seductiveness to the soundscape that elevates the overall flow of ‘Wonder’ to incredible heights.

“I’ve been a big fan of Channel Tres for a while, and really wanted to get this to him,” said Yung Bae about the single. “It turned out we have a lot of the same friends and were able to get connected. He came in one day with me, Bekon and The Donuts, wrote out another verse and killed it. The whole thing just felt so natural. I couldn’t be more excited with how it came out.” – Yung Bae

Stream via: Arista Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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