UK producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Joe Turner turns up the heat with a deep-house inspired mover that is sure to get you on your feet in ‘Noir’ which also sees vocalist Tom Dunne on collaborative duties for what is a welcomed addition to any club going around town.

With an emotional message of self love and strength within oneself, ‘Noir’ exemplifies this inspirational ode through a driving tempo held in the enforcing four to the floor beat that holds the indestructible foundations in place. Joe Turner builds off Tom Dunne‘s stunning melodies through the injections of various shades of colour, especially in the synths that provide plenty of buoyancy to the already lively soundscape. 

“Noir is a really special song for me. It reflects change and progression in both my sound and my life. It’s about going through a tough time – and being strong enough to survive the darkest days. Life will always throw problems at you, but these situations are what make us stronger, and I think Noir portrays this kind of emotion.”- Joe Turner

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