Vancouver producer Tails displays a majestic and atmospheric world for us all to bask within through the latest glimpse of his forthcoming EP in ‘last night (eclipse)’, a driving yet contemplative sombre offering that employs the utterly stunning vocals of Aya Yves that lifts the mix to a whole new level.

Building from humble beginnings of mellowed instrumentation that allows plenty of space for Yves’ angelic tones to mesmerise us, ‘last night (eclipse)’ sets itself apart from its competitors through its subtle but swift transition from the verse to chorus sections. Through a driving backbone of bass and drums setting the tone in the pivotal sections of the piece, Tails provides a podium for listeners to let themselves be fully immersed in the moment whilst maintaining the integrity of the core composition.

“The creative process for this track was so smooth and organic…When AYA YVES sent her vocal parts over, they brought a lot of new feelings to the track that the original beat didn’t do justice to. I ended up re-writing the choruses/drops fully and landed on something a lot more special…” – Tails

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