German-Australian artist Evan Klar continues to serve up booming alt-pop of the highest quality with the release of his new single ‘Special’, the latest glimpse of his forthcoming EP ‘Blissful Thinking’ which is due to drop in June.

In what we’ve come to know with each of Klar’s previous releases, ‘Special’ combines various genres together with ease for a smooth soundscape that is as effortless as they come. Featuring brooding synths, deepened beats and super-tasty synths, Evan Klar provides a murky and obscure foundation base for his commanding vocals to shine with plenty of force.

“Writing either buries me in the dirt or flies me to the moon, it never lands somewhere in the middle. ‘Special’ takes me to the most confusing but beautiful memory. I think it’s about how scary falling in love can be.” – Evan Klar

Out Now Via: Evan Klar
Artist Connect: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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