Melbourne producer Tentendo and fellow Australian producer Jordan Dennis have come together to deliver a catchy as hell club banger in ‘Make Me High’ that is sure to be stuck in your head long after the first listen.

From the addictive repeated lyric of “What you gon’ do to get me high”, to the thumping four to the floor drums and the energised synths, ‘Make Me High’ has all the required elements needed to get the people moving no matter where they are. Tentendo and Jordan Dennis hone in on the feeling of sultriness through a club back drop to drive their pumping momentum forward and deliver on all fronts.

“This track is pretty different to everything I’ve released, I wrote it at my friend’s beach house down the coast of Melbourne. I sat down after breakfast one morning and the chords just came out. My bro Jordan was outside playing some basketball, I dragged him into the room and he wrote and recorded the hook in about 5 minutes. The whole first sketch of the track was done super quick. The rest took a lot longer but I stuck at it and ended up with this!” – Tentendo

Stream: Sidekick Music
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