Australian producer/songwriter/drummer Commandeur combines forces with Townsville-via-Melbourne vocalist GENES for a darkened electronic/pop number titled ‘Numb’, a track that combines sublime and intensified electronic influence with a commanding vocal performance that squeezes into the jam-packed production with ease.

Beginning in a minimalistic manner with the atmospheric pads and keys that leave plenty of space for GENES’ mesmerising melodies to take control, ‘Numb’ swiftly injects the dark colour palate into the soundscape through the insertion of thumping percussion and swarming synth bass that takes over every inch available of the mix. Once we arrive at the chorus, we see all aspects of the piece lifting their intensity to the next level with plenty of liveliness and force shown from both Commandeur‘s instrumentation and Genes‘ vocals that motivates you to fully immerse yourself in the energy created.

Before we were graced with GENES’ vocals, the ‘Numb’ music bed had been sitting patiently for a couple years waiting for its perfect match. As soon as I heard where she took it I was obsessed and couldn’t imagine it any differently. Not only were the melodies beautifully crafted with her voice bringing a light to the darker production, but that mixed with the ‘Numb’ message was all encompassing. I’m really proud of ‘Numb’ and excited to be showing another side of the Commandeur project.” – Commandeur

Stream: Risque Music
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