With ‘Days Get Better’ and ‘Take A Look’ already under their belt, Boo Seeka continue their strong form with arguably their most impressive release of the year in ‘Never Enough’, an infectious summer anthem full of sunshine and colour that is destined for the eventual festival circuit.

‘Never Enough’ sees Boo Seeka‘s trademark hazy vocals floating effortlessly above the mix with an upbeat and energetic instrumentation base of crunchy drums, atmospheric keys and synths that splash a ridiculous amount of vibrancy across the soundscape. Through this injection of positivity in the instrumentation, Boo Seeka take full advantage and provide some super catchy melodies that get stuck in your head immediately to deliver a home run of a release.

“We always knew this idea was organically going to take on full vacation vibes when the lead string idea accidentally got stuck on repeat over the original drum beat. It was the epic mistake that made this song for us. Most of the songs go down a few different rabbit holes before we feel the right inspiration in the studio. But to be honest this was all off the back of us getting hypnotised by what is now the bridge. That came first before the verses and chorus. It put all of us in the studio in a trance. All talking about how epic it would be dancing to this lyric loop and beat at a festival or a retro vibe club with disco balls. We honestly must have listened to the loop for 30 mins straight before we kept biking the rest of the song.” – Boo Seeka

Stream: Disrupt Music Group
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