Australian producer Price Park is coming back to us this week with a very cool electro-pop-dance treat called ‘Give Me Love’ which has him teaming up again with one of his regular collaborators, Jade Alice.

As Price Park explains below, he and Jade wrote this song while spending the weekend by the ocean, and you can certainly feel that natural openness within the song’s spacious ambience.

“Jade and I were invited to a song-writing camp at a beach house last year organised by our good friend Motaki and his dog. It was a really fun weekend and spawned heaps of great songs from a bunch of different artists. I’d written a bit of the instrumental for another song with my friend/long-time collaborator Joe Kosky and had been sitting on it for a couple of years. I re-discovered it during the week leading up to our song-writing camp and as soon as I opened the session, I knew I wanted Jade to work on it with me, and she perfectly captured that emotion I’m so into at the moment.” – Price Park 

Like all great songs, ‘Give Me Love’ tells a tale of feelings and emotion, and what better way to get those feelings across to your special someone then through something as beautiful as music…

“It can be so difficult to find the words that explain what you’re feeling for someone. I get so tongue tied and nervous! But I have found melodies and song-writing to be the most earnest form of expression. For me a song is the simplest way to compile your most intense emotions and give them to someone for them to hear.” – Jade Alice

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  1. Awesome review, awesome band. Love this group they sound so powerful.

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