Fresh off the release of his latest single ‘New In Town’, Kid Froopy announces his forthcoming debut album ‘Silver Silver’ with an uplifting glimpse of what’s to come in ‘Some Nights I Feel Like Crying’ that is accompanied by the throwback inspired music video.

Built around the pristine vocals and the heavenly harmonies following suit, ‘Some Nights I Feel Like Crying’ utilises a jungle feel in the drums and rhythmic guitars that inject a sense of positivity amongst the mix that is further accentuated by the subtle electronic/pop injection in the chorus periods.

With the accompanying music video providing a sense of tongue and cheek with various images of significant moments in the past being exhibited, Kid Froopy plays off on an emotional message with a contrasting soundscape to continue bending the rules in each release.

“I found myself collecting images while I was writing…I tried to go on intuition and not think too much. I don’t know what they add up to, but I like how it feels.” – Kid Froopy

Stream: Deadbeats
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