NYC artist BAILE brings forth a deep dive into the hard-hitting world electronic music with the highly anticipated released of his EP ‘Winte’, a 5 track offering that ensures a deepened sound palate with plenty of energy throughout.

Led off with the focus single of ‘Cyclical’, BAILE comes through with an eclectic range of instrumentation and a vast array of colour through the use of some off-kilter beats, intriguing synths and murky pads that ensure a contrast between liveliness and obscurity. 

“‘Cyclical’ began with Lukas sending over a handful of really rich sounding stems that I then sifted through and rearranged…he had this perfect sounding breakbeat along with these delicate bells, and an amazing arpeggio melody that immediately grabbed me. I took those and added some airy pads along with a grungy bass & some percussive touches. The whole process of blending our sounds felt very organic.” – BAILE

Stream: Course Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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