After dropping the infectiously catchy ‘Tryna Chill’ in 2017, Melbourne producer/DJ MorningMaxwell has once again teamed up with long-time collaborator Bluey Moon for the perfect addition to any chilled sessions playlist with ‘Next To You’.

‘Next To You’ brings forth a carefree sentiment right away with the swooping synths and the limited percussion that are manipulated brilliantly with a subtle build that acts as a platform for the charming vocals of Bluey Moon to carry the swagger within the soundscape. In previous releases MorningMaxwell has showcased an underrated mastery with his grooving basslines, and in ‘Next To You’ this claim only gets stronger once the ‘drop’ hits with the playful melody ensuring the dance feeling is maintained throughout.

Whilst consistently restraining itself to ensure a ‘laid back’ vibe, MorningMaxwell somehow manages to pull things all the way back to bring forth moments of contemplation. This occurs around the midway mark of the piece whereby significant space is found to instil light synths that are thrown in and out of the mix, as well as the restrained percussion which sits as the foundation for Bluey Moon to croon on top of with playful melodies that magnetise the listener. Once the altered vocal ‘I Wanna Be’ smacks us in the face, listeners are given one more chance to lose themselves to the contagious dance bracket before Moon’s bouncy melodies round out the piece with charismatic results.

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