Laarsen reveals his debut EP ‘Lavafields’ an eclectic producer that draws on genres from the past, present and future, creating atmospheric electronica with a world of influence behind it.

Mixing together classic elements of UK garage, a Burial style of vocal chopping blended with a more modern production, ‘Lavafields’ takes just enough and gives plenty enough, with Laarsen’s unique style. The EP also has help from post-soul artist and friend Talulah. Her vocals provide a considered, and rich element, anchoring down the flurry of electronica.

“During the process of writing the ‘Lavafields’ EP I was inspired by the recent technological movements that made both people’s lives easier but also improved our impact on our surrounding. This positive energy and a futuristic shift to a more harmonic coexistence with nature, nurtured a more optimistic outlook on life, which reflected in my music. The EP uses modern technology to create electronic music with an optimistic and natural feeling.” — Laarsen

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