It’s been a minute since we last heard from GRAMMY-nominated electronic artist and producer BAYNK, but that all changes this week his first taste of new music in ‘Fool For You’, a quirky and off-kilter styled single that comes with news of his second album ‘SENESCENCE’ due for release later this year.

‘Fool For You’ explores a broad sonic palate, with various glitchy and distorted elements combining with a more ethereal soundscape to produce that off-kilter foundation set that gives those falsetto tones of BAYNK the perfect podium to command the audiences attention.  

“in relationships, I would twist and contort myself to fit my own idea of how the other person would like me the most, so I wrote this song thinking about how one can be blind and accept all the bad parts of a situation – if the good outweighs the bad enough.” – BAYNK

out now via: BAYNK
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