Australian artist Claudia Forever has been making waves with her brand of stunning electronic/pop, all whilst building to a body of work which is finally here in the form of ‘WHEN IT GETS LATE’, an eight-track mixtape that showcases a resounding sonic palate all accompanied by those divine vocals that shine throughout the journey of the release.

Featuring standout singles ‘Stay Or Go’, ‘Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’ and ‘Always Comes Back Around,’ ‘WHEN IT GETS LATE’ builds on the foundations set in its predecessors and expands the electronically-influenced soundscape with robust synths and deepened beats creating a thick wall of sound all while Forever’s utterly stunning vocals stand tall in the centre of the mix and command your attention with their raw beauty.

“When a relationship comes to an end, there’s a point, sometimes, where you can’t bear to accept it. I think this mixtape lives in that moment. It stretches it out, as though this unbearable feeling might last forever. Like watching the most intense sunset. You know that intensity can only sustain for so long, you know you will feel better when the light extinguishes, but a part of you never wants it to end.” – Claudia Forever

out now via: Mandatory Music and Believe AU/NZ
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