Stresshead takes us on quite an exhilarating journey within his third single of the year in ‘U&ME’, a swift offering filled with plenty of drive and energy within its cross-genre composition all while delving into an emotional journey after a relationship has ended.

‘U&ME’ packs quite the punch with its instrumentation on offer, through a UKG influence in the percussion driving the groove through the foundations of the structure all while the vocal hook intertwines with the resounding synths and bass on offer that showcases plenty of vigour and liveliness within quite the colourful soundscape on offer.

“‘U&ME’ describes the way I felt at the end of a whirlwind relationship last year, the same one that bloomed in my previous release ‘So High’. Whilst the initial idea occurred quickly the production took a long time to get right, but I’m really pleased with the way I managed to marry a number of styles that have been influencing me recently – UKG, EDM & pop music.” ~ Stresshead

out now via: Duckhead
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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