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Last week the wonderful Woodes appeared on a new track called ‘Voyage‘ by Newcastle producer Litche, which has been copping quite a bit of attention around the globe since its release, and the good news for us is that Woodes is not wasting any time in bringing us more of her gorgeous sounds.

Woodes has just released her latest single ‘Origami’, which is the third taste of her upcoming second ep ‘Golden Hour’, and there is a solid team of people involved in making this track happen such as Thief and Jussi Ilmari on co-wroting duties, Elkkle on additional production, and Simon Lam (Kllo) and Andrei Eremin on mixing and mastering.

“Origami started quite conceptually. We began with Origami as a title and then started drawing a big mind map of words relating to the methods and structure of creating something beautiful out of paper. Quite often when I write I have everything playing out in my head like a film. In my head, I see two swans or cranes with their heads bending into one another. It was important that this song lived in a world that fused the harder sounding elements in the production with a soft bed of orchestral sounds.” – Woodes

Woodes is also hitting the road in March for a few East Coast shows – click here for more details

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