Since DNMO’s debut release on Deadbeats, ‘Broken,’ I’ve been keeping a watch over this young rising star. Based out of the UK, DNMO has revealed his skilled talent to discover the beauty within the darkness and created a slew of gripping singles sure to melt your heart. Teaming up with Swedish-Iranian vocalist Ayelle and former collaborator Sub Urban, DNMO has delivered yet again another ardently impelled masterpiece filled to the brim with thick basses and stirring vocals.

“Made this track with my two good friends and incredible vocalists Sub Urban and Ayelle! This one has been a long time coming. I started it last summer, and it shaped up into something really special. This single is just a taste of what’s to come with my sound, and I’m so excited to continue this vision,” remarks DNMO.

Aiden Morgan, the man behind the moniker, is preparing to debut his live debut along with other driven, incredible artists in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for a DNMO appearance at a venue near you, with more profound, authentic releases to come from the wunderkind.

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