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Australian producer Litche, is back with a brand new track this week called ‘Voyage’, which just happens to feature the gorgeously dreamy vocals of Melbourne songstress/producer Woodes, and it’s also just the first taste of Litche’s forthcoming debut ep.

You may remember Litche releasing a remix back in April 2017 of one of Woodes‘ tracks ‘Rise’. It was around that time that his respect for the talented songstress came to fruition, and after a few back & fourth discussion they decided they wanted to work on an original tune together.

“Elle started to play with melodic ideas and writing down some rough lyric ideas. After about an hour she had worked out the vocal melody and we also recorded tonnes of atmospheric vocal bits that we layered together and messed around with. Before long we knew something special was forming.

To me, ‘Voyage’ is about a person letting the humbling and mystical aspects of nature help take them on a journey of reflection through their personal desires and wants of the past, present and future.” – Litche

“I wrote this with Sam over a couple sessions by the beach in Sydney. I found Sam’s Music through soundcloud and was really drawn to the atmospheres & the world he creates through his production. I was keen on seeing how my voice could fit into that. 

Our first session together we had only a few pieces of gear and our laptops and a couple hours before my flight. Having a set amount of variables made us focus on what we could do with vocal manipulation as a core instrument in Voyage. We recorded a bunch of lyrical chapters which evolved and grew with the production. It began to form into a little journey.” – Woodes

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‘Voyage’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, and stay tuned for more news on Litche’s debut ep over the coming months.

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