Kasbo has just announced he’ll be giving us a new album in June titled “The Learning of Urgency” and along with that also comes two brand-new singles, ‘Drift’ and ‘Atlantis’, the latter featuring collaborations with Shallou and BJOERN.

‘Drift’ and ‘Atlantis’ are accompanying another song Kasbo released a few months ago called ‘Alive’ which will also be seen on the album, and after hearing them all together now I am feeling a bit excited for this record. 

“My new album is inspired by the feeling of being submerged in water. Underwater, the world moves slowly, sounds fade, and there’s this feeling of stillness. To me, there was this direct relation to being on a stormy ocean surface, trying desperately to keep your head above water. Whereas the world beneath the surface represented this stillness where you allowed yourself to move at a slower pace and appreciate the beauty of things around you. And sure, as much as you need to move forward and build something in life, you also need to swim up to the surface and take that next breath. I think it’s important not to let that thought consume us and prevent us from appreciating those moments of tranquility underwater.” ~ Kasbo

out now via: Foreign Family Collective
artist connect: https://linktr.ee/kasbo

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