Ark Patrol has just dropped a new ep titled “G” which is a neat four-track collection of songs that he says is about childhood, innocence and naïveté.

It is quite an impressive listen that explores a variety of garage/house genres which essentially just make you want to dance. He’s also enlisted the skills of a few friends Veronika Redd and FiFi Zhang to help bring two of the songs to life. 

“These 4 songs are about childhood, innocence and naïveté. My intent was to capture the energy and safety we can only find in our earliest days. I’d like to tell you a story if you have a moment. Additionally, this is my first studio quality release that I’ve had enough resources to push the music and presentation. Thanks to everyone who’s supported and streamed and shared throughout the lifetime of this project. Lots more coming. Much love.” ~ Ark Patrol

out now via: Nettwerk
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