We’ve been keeping a close on on Australian newcomer Harry Hayes over the last few months. He’s been going from strength to strength with a few single releases which have all been leading us toward his debut ep “Zephyr” that is out today, and I gotta say it is quite a treat. 

His music is a impeccable combination of dance music infused with pop-inspired melodies, ambient soundscapes and dynamic club elements. Most of the time these songs will have you wanting to dance your ass off, but there are are also some moments where he pulls us back into a meditative state as we’re drawn into these beautifully atmospheric soundscapes.

“The inspiration behind the EP spawned out of wanting to change the harmonic and melodic context of which dance music typically lives within. To me, this EP partially represents writing music for the sake of writing music, while still being subconsciously influenced by my life experiences up until this point. The act of writing is genuinely meditative for me. I find it’s the time when I feel most in tune with myself and there’s truly nothing more satisfying than witnessing your ideas unfold and manifest right before your eyes.” ~ Harry Hayes

out now via: LOVE CLVB
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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