KUČKA has once again teamed up with her good buddy Flume for a new single called ‘One More Night’ which is going to throw your senses into a frenzy, but in all the right ways of course!

This song stemmed from a forgotten lyric that KUČKA had stuck in her head, and soon after discovering a demo that she’d started working on a while back with Flume. On route to a show one night they decided to finish it off right there in transit, before taking it to the studio the following week to bring it all to life.

“I found myself singing “Hunger for your desire, body an icon to admire” and it made me laugh. It captures that ridiculous feeling when you’re infatuated and addicted to your crush. You become a performative cartoon. And it’s just as fun giving the performance as it is receiving it. It’s this horny funny exchange.” ~ KUČKA

out now via: Soothsayer

KUČKA: https://www.kucka.co
Flume: https://flumemusic.com

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