‘Running’ is the latest single from a UK newcomer who goes by the name Drive To Tears, which has him exploring genres like UK garage and melodic house, while also honing in on some darker and rather emotional feelings of loneliness and depression. It’s always sad to hear when an artist is going through these turbulent times but I feel it is the innate nature of most creative people. They just tend to feel more and much harder. 

“The cover of this song is a photo of the nearly frozen North Sea that I’ve taken. When choosing this cover, my intention was to emphasize the somber mood of the song. For the last few years, I have been writing music while being in a depressed state, and each time my songs turn out to be even more depressing. In this song, I try to convince myself that “everything is fine” even though it’s not. That’s why I did my best to make the listener feel the emotions I felt when I was influenced by circumstances I couldn’t control.” ~ Drive To Tears

out now via: Let’s take A Ride
artist connect: https://ffm.bio/drivetotears

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