London producer Sound of Fractures has a new track for us this week called ‘Bubbles’ which is a vibrant garage-house treat full of warmth and positivity, and it also has a certain playfulness that really makes you feel quite satisfied and content.  

‘Bubbles’ will be part of a bigger project titled “Scenes – An Interactive Journey Through Personal Moments” through which he takes us on a journey of exploration and creativity as he aims to capture the intersection of personal moments in people’s lives with technology. A collaborative project presented through an interactive website and NFTs as part of the release of a music album (click that title above for more info). 

“Music goes beyond sound; it taps into the memories and emotions it awakens. ‘Scenes’ gives a tangible shape to this connection and preserves it in a recognisable form for fans to own. Each song, along with its corresponding ‘Scene,’ will populate a digital gallery, serving as a record of how music intersects with life’s moments in today’s social media-driven world.” ~ Sound of Fractures

out now via: Sound of Fractures
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