British electronic artist and producer Sound of Fractures gives us a glimpse of what’s in store for his upcoming album ‘Scenes’ through a brand new single titled ‘Willow’s Heartbeat’, an exquisite cut of ambient electronic music with a multi-layered approach to its composition that takes listeners on a profound journey with a plethora of texture and polish on display.

‘Willow’s Heartbeat’ undertakes a cross-genre approach, with various elements of influence scattered across the soundscape to provide us with a unique and vast production base that is a true testament to the artistry of Sound of Fractures. With a deepened approach to the rhythm section through crisp beats and booming bass lines, Sound of Fractures elevates the mix through a wide array of synths providing plenty of suspense and energy in their approach that in turn creates a mammoth wall of sound that leaves you in absolute awe.

“Music goes beyond sound; it taps into the memories and emotions it awakens. ‘Scenes’ gives a tangible shape to this connection and preserves it in a recognisable form for fans to own. Each song, along with its corresponding ‘Scene,’ will populate a digital gallery, serving as a record of how music intersects with life’s moments in today’s social media-driven world.” – Sound of Fractures

out now via: Sound of Fractures
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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