Italian artist Kharfi invites us into a journey of emotion and loss within the ending of a relationship in his brand new single ‘can’t get u off my mind’, a cross-genre thumper filled with plenty of drive and passion that is accompanied by emotionally-fuelled melodies that fuse together easily.

Utilising a touch of UK garage and electronic influence throughout its duration, ‘can’t get u off my mind’ really expresses the angst and feelings associated within a breakup, taking us through the rises and falls of the journey with plenty of intensification on show through the robust synths and thumping percussion on offer that breaks through your speakers with maximum impact. Alongside the passionate vocals on display, Kharfi lays it all out there in this commanding performance.

“This song emerged four months post the end of a deeply significant relationship, encapsulating the emotional rollercoaster I traversed. Its fusion of sorrowful melodies with lively UK garage beats serves as a musical expression of my emotional state—a testament to transforming pain into art.” – Kharfi

out now via: Kharfi
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One thought on “Kharfi – ‘can’t get u off my mind’

  1. kharfi says:

    Thank you so much for this feature guys! <3
    Glad that you like the track

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