Following on from feature performances at SPRINGTIME Festival, Yours and Owls Festival and SXSW Sydney, Meanjin-based indie-pop artist Yb. wraps up a mammoth year with the long-awaited release of ‘BULLETPROOF’, a five-track release that sees continual pushing of the boundaries of conventional pop with a cross-genre influence that provides a freshness in its overall output.

Including previous standout releases in ‘TELL ME WHAT THE COST IS’ and ‘ROLLERCOASTER’, ‘BULLETPROOF’ picks up where its predecessors left off with some of the finest indie/pop music we’ve come across this year. Included in the remaining track list is the astonishing title track that sees Yb. team up with none other than Peking Duk, that gives the EP the euphoric ending it well and truly deserves with a buzzing and anthemic release filled with plenty of passion and drive throughout. 

“BULLETPROOF is an anti-concept mixtape, and a bit of an FU to unwanted opinions and perceptions. In the past, I’ve talked about my over-confident, cocky alter ego, who emerges after a period of pain or sadness. BULLETPROOF encapsulates that, and the fearlessness I feel in this moment – it’s a collection of songs that don’t need to be connected by a throughline, and it’s a reminder to myself to only release music that feeds me.” ~ Yb.

out now via: GYROrecords
artist connect: Facebook | X | Instagram | Soundcloud | TikTok

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