Following on from a feature performance at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, Brixton, London trio Kid Apollo return for one more release to round out 2023 in style with an alt/pop gem in ‘these things’, a textural delight with plenty of layers jam packed into a luscious soundscape filled with soothing melodies that achieve a warmth you want to be amongst.

‘these things’ begins with a richness in its soundscape through the nostalgic pianos setting the tone, right before the guitars and brittle drums come to the forefront and deliver plenty of further character to the already boastful mix. With those breezy vocals sitting perfectly in the centre of the mix, they add that final layer of comfort to an already appealing production base that rounds out a marvellous offering.

“‘these things’ is trying to portray that feeling when you’re in a period of your life where you feel like everything’s moving so fast and kind of passing you by. As a result of this, you find that you lose track of what’s important and end up not making enough time for these things. This song was actually one of the fastest songs we’ve made. It was the last idea of the day that we worked on, the first time we were in with Ray and it just kinda stuck for both of us. Us and Ray have a similar ear in terms of what clicks so it was really easy to land where we wanted creatively.” – Kid Apollo

out now via: Kid Apollo
artist connect: InstagramTwitter | TikTok

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