Following on from the success of their album “Along The Lethe” last year, Brooklyn duo Beacon continue to provide the gifts that keep on giving with the deluxe version release that includes remixes from all across the globe that absolutely flip the offering on its head.

Featuring cuts from the likes of Lycoriscoris, Dark Sky, Reznik, Kolsch, Midori Hirano and Kelbin, all artists involved bring their own unique and individual touches into the spectrum whilst maintaining the core of the original release, ensuring a lushness remains a catalyst to the structure all while ensuring a different lens is obtained throughout.

“These remixes are a way of opening the private sanctuary of making an album. Once an album is out there, it has its own vitality. It can generate new possibilities and relationships with a listener (or in this case, other artists). These remixes are living examples of that. Remixes have always been a special part of the process of making music for us, foremost as fans. It’s an honour to connect with artists whose music affects us to see if there’s an opportunity to manifest something new together.” – Beacon

out now via: Apparent Movement
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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