POOLCLVB and New York’s own Fanta Ballo combine forces for an addictive new single titled ‘Broken Heart’, a track that carries forth both a high level of vibrancy and emotionally-fuelled melodies that will really strike a chord with all within its path with its relatability.

Sampling a spoken word offering from Ballo, ‘Broken Heart’ initially provides plenty of room for those commanding lyrics to stand tall all while the bubbling nature of the drum and bass styled groove sets the uplifting tempo in tact. Once we enter the chorus of the release, we see POOLCLVB at his absolute best with an array of bright synth layers energising the mix to incredible levels and beautifully intertwining the melodies and providing quite a unique contrast between the accompanying music and the emotiveness of the spoken words.

I really wanted to bookend ‘Love Type’ with an emotionally charged conclusion. I felt there was more story to tell within the dynamic of relationship, falling in and out of love and the closure we seek. I have a deep appreciation for spoken word performance art and through the poetry of Fanta Ballo I feel we can all relate.” Whilst speaking to the messaging of the song and collaboration itself, Fanta shares “this song to me is about finding beauty and happiness through some of our toughest times. And mixing the gift of poetry and music together to create something magical!” – POOLCLVB

Fans can catch POOLCLVB at any of his upcoming shows on the below dates:

Every Saturday – LOVE CLVB @ Glass Island, Sydney Harbour
Sept 16 — Cooked Memories @ Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle
Oct 01 — Adrift Pool Bar, Wollongong
Oct 01 — Movements @ Heyday, Wollongong
Oct 21 – Otherwise, Townsville
Nov 25 – Spilt Milk, Canberra
Nov 26 – Spilt Milk, Gold Coast
Dec 02 – Spilt Milk, Ballarat
Dec 03 – Spilt Milk, Perth
Dec 31 — Barwon Heads Hotel, Torquay

out now via: Sweat It Out
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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