Australian-born/Brooklyn-based producer BRUX (fka Elizabeth Rose) returns with an energetic and robust offering in her new single ‘Unfaithful’, a commanding release filled with an addictive groove and hypnotising synth presence that evokes a nightclub setting no matter where you happen to be listening.

‘Unfaithful’ swarms across your speakers in a powerful manner with its thick instrumentation base soaking up every square inch of the mix, with a plethora of synths and pads creating a wall of sound that shows no signs of breaking down. With the solid groove in the percussion laying down the dance floor foundations, BRUX finds a way to intensify the mix with plenty of passion all while giving a sense of euphoria for all to immerse within.

‘Unfaithful is one of the earliest tracks I made when launching the BRUX project back in 2017. I remember playing it out for the first time at a club show in LA, 2018 & it was the peak of the set – I knew then that this was a special one. Over the years I’ve been playing it in my live shows & am so thrilled to finally release it.’ – BRUX

out now via: BRUX
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