With news of a highly anticipated EP on its way, Melbourne-based music producer Darby provides listeners with a thumping glimpse of what’s in store with the release of ‘Crush’, a romantically-fuelled offering filled with passionate melodies and swift instrumentation that packs quite the punch in its two and a half minute duration.

‘Crush’ wastes no time in driving in the emotional context of the melodies, with a minimal instrumentation base setting the tone which in turn allows for the vocals to shine and command your attention. Despite this, it doesn’t take long at all for the powerful instrumentation to make its presence known with driving drum pattern driving the uptempo nature forward alongside the mammoth presence of synths and bass adding further texture and colour to the already boastful mix created.

“Love is a complex rush of so many emotions, and I wanted a song that matched the melancholic helplessness that can often accompany it. ‘Crush’ embodies the profound emotions of love and heartbreak, reflecting the ‘should I shouldn’t I’ confusion that accompanies matters of the heart.” – Darby

out now via: bitbird
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