UK alt-pop artist Tycho Jones continues to bend the conventions of modern music with the release of a brand new EP titled ‘Negative Space’, a multi-genre offering an uplifting and off-kilter soundscape filled with indie/pop/electronic influence that ultimately sends a surge of buzzing energy right through your speakers.

Featuring previously released singles ‘Pink+Blue’ and ‘Risk To My Reward’, this EP comes through with one new gem in the form of new single ‘Missing in Action’ that follows the precedence set by the previous releases and continues that upbeat tempo driven through the crisp percussion alongside swirling melodies and luscious guitars which immediately strikes a chord with all within their path through its emotionally-fuelled lyricism and passion-packed vocal delivery.

“Missing in Action is about inner conflict, losing someone very dear and knowing they’re gone. Hoping they might come back or respond one day…” Tycho Jones

out now via: Globe Town Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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