Following on from the release of ‘GIRLS WORLD!’ earlier this year, Australian artist Kota Banks continues to mesmerise audiences with a brand new single titled ‘Eternal Crush’, a bubbly and uplifting electronic/pop offering that leaves you feeling warm with all the feels through its gentle approach throughout.

‘Eternal Crush’ centres itself on a concise and deepened groove held in the core of the mix, all while a vibrant and bright accompanying cast of synths and bass set the soundscape alight that intertwines perfectly with Banks’ angelic vocals. With a buoyant approach to the melodies, ‘Eternal Crush’ ensures listeners are in for a good time throughout its journey that instills a warmth across your speakers after your first listen.

“I wrote Eternal Crush during lockdown and never stopped being obsessed with it. It was a song I was keeping in my back pocket for the right moment, and I feel like now is the time. It’s sonic bliss to me (thank you Swick). I love the idea of contrasting forever with a crush – something so fleeting and superficial. It’s giving layers, chaos and indecision, my M.O. as a Libra! In terms of the situation… I rarely write about unrequited love because usually, the boy likes me back as I’m a baddie, but the boy this song is about HUMBLED me for real. I love a flirtatious, fun, dreamy moment and I think Eternal Crush gives all the above!!” – Kota Banks

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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