New Zealand-born and Melbourne-based producer K+Lab unearths some serious grooves and flows that levels up your swagger immediately upon your first encounter with the release of his latest EP ‘PXLMTREES VOL.1′, a blissful four-track offering filled with concise beats and enlightening instrumentation that splashes a copious amount of colour across the soundscape.

PXLMTREES VOL.1′ sees the producer intertwine lo-fi and chill influence that results in a charismatic mix filled with liveliness which you simply can’t ignore. K+Lab utilises a central focus on crispy beats with an infectious amount of uptempo groove with in and layers the production base up with a blend of organic and electronic instrumentation that adds a level of freshness into the already laid-back feel injected into the core.

“The PXLMTREES project was an outlet for me to take a more organic approach to making music, I wanted to focus more on instrumentation, sample digging and jamming. Once I tapped into the Chill vibes I couldn’t stop and I can’t wait to share Vol.1” – K+Lab

out now via: Philos Records
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