Over the last twelve months Australian disco/dance project Midnight Pool Party have given us three exceptional clubby treats that are still getting a weekly flogging over here. They’re coming back to us this week with their first release of 2024 and they’ve decided to switch things up a little bit as they slide back into a more classic-Midnight Pool Party-disco sound with new single ‘USE ME’ – but it’s still got all the sass and sex appeal that we’ve come to expect from them!

“After releasing three upbeat club bangers last year, we decided to change direction this year to our more classic MPP disco-esque sound. This one definitely has more of a sultry and sexy vibe to it. Our previous songs were ultimately about taking back control of your own life and direction, but this one is about giving your control to someone else specifically sexually (and with consent of course). It’s about meeting someone that excites you and makes you feel comfortable to give yourself to them and let them drive and take control of you and your body. It’s sexy without being slutty.” ~ Midnight Pool Party

out now via: Midnight Pool Party
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | X | Instagram

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