Eora/Sydney-based producer Blake.08 has carved quite the name for himself in recent times with his blend of atmospheric electronic music, and now he continues to shine right before our eyes with the release of the ‘Eyes Ablaze’ EP that showcases a high quality production filled with captivating instrumentation and addictive grooves that will lock in your attention from the word go.

‘Eyes Ablaze’ sees Blake.08 lay it all out there, with the release being produced, mixed and mastered by himself which results in a profound and polished output that is simply astonishing to witness. Through a utilisation of deepened beats held in the core of the foundations, Blake.08 provides the perfect launchpad for the swirling synths and pads to mesmerise the soundscape and take us all on a luscious sonic odyssey you just don’t want to end.

“‘Eyes Ablaze’ was written through a tornado of moods from 2019 to 2023, a wild time for me churning with fear, anger and sadness. With the mood compass, I found courage, caution and compassion and the mood tornado somehow, someway, transformed into celebration and finally into the unity of contentment. The whole EP represents music’s hypnotic and captivating power to transform moods, instil hope and inspire a love for life.” – Blake.08

out now via: Anjunadeep
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTokSoundcloud

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