Australian producer Harry Hayes continues his rapid rise through the electronic scene by teaming up with Indigo Eyes for a sensational new track titled ‘Better Than This’, an atmospheric yet uptempo electronic offering with plenty of groove whilst ensuring a gentleness within its approach.

‘Better Than This’ maintains this ambiance and breeziness throughout its duration with an insertion of bright pads coupling with a rising synth presence and swiftness in the percussion setting up the perfect scene for the chorus to erupt. Once we arrive here, we are met with an explosiveness in positivity and energy that you immediately want to wrap yourself within courtesy of the strengthened presence of the synths and kick drums adding further depth to the stunning mix at hand.

“Back in May I was browsing instagram and found Harry doing what he usually does in the evening… posting his track demos on insta stories. I heard these chords and shot him a message immediately asking him to send the instrumental my way. It was early morning for me and late night for Harry, we’ve gotten pretty used to working through our weird time zones haha! I had an idea for the melody and vocal in my head just from the snippet alone before he even sent it over, but everything came together so fast. I had the vocals written and recorded and back over to Harry within half an hour, hands down the fastest one has ever come together for me. His reaction said it all, we knew immediately the track was something new and had that feeling we were looking for.” – Indigo Eyes

out now via: LOVE CLVB
artist connect: Instagram

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