ODESZA have just dropped a new ep today called “Flaws in Our Design” which is in-fact a collaborative release with South African artist Yellow House and it is quite wonderful – but let’s face it, pretty much everything ODESZA does is up there! 

Yellow House reveals; “the idea that sparked the entire collaboration 5 years ago. From the jump, it had that unmistakable energy of having discovered something special. It captures the exact moment our two worlds met.”

ODESZA adds; “We discovered Emile/Yellow House on SoundCloud and were immediately drawn to his voice and delivery. After finding success working on a few demos we flew him over from South Africa to work with us in our Seattle studio. From the jump, the music had that unmistakable energy of having discovered something special. We found ourselves drawn to a unique blend of electronic production and Emile’s incredible ability to create nostalgic melodies and storytelling lyrics. From there we went about creating a number of tracks and exploring various different combinations of the two worlds.”

out now via: Foreign Family Collective / Ninja Tune

ODESZA: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Yellow House: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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