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Australian producer ZUSO has a new single to share with us this week called ‘Aurora’ which is a stunning seven-minute slice of atmospheric/progressive house music that is sure to make an impression with its pulsing beats, hypnotic percussion and echoing synths.

As he reveals below, ‘Aurora’ was inspired by one of his own previous releases (‘Melt Like Gold‘) as well as one of Rufus Du Sol’s arguably best songs to-date….

I wrote this record the same day I was going to watch Rufus Du Sol play at the domain here in Sydney and it does have a bit of an ‘Innerbloom’ kind of sound. I also took some inspiration from one of my own previous singles ‘Melt Like Gold’ to give it more of a ZUSO vibe, then worked in a few synth layers and a deep-house groove.

I felt it was creating this vivid imagery of being somewhere cold but beautiful, hence the name Aurora. With that concept in mind it allowed me to write the song pretty freely and it came about pretty quickly.” ~ ZUSO

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out now via: ZUSO 
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