Civil-engineering student by day and burgeoning pop-star by night London based starlet MEYY unveils her most laser focused work to date with new EP ‘Digital Gloss’. Boasting a soundscape just as sleek and chromatic as it’s name suggests, the 7-track affair synthesizes heavy hyperpop influences alongside masterful pop sensibilities to create a body of work that is just as much substance as it is style. Paired with an ambitious promotional video game coined as the ‘meyytaverse’ you can experience here – it’s clear this concept driven EP represents a new wave of music, utilizing technology to create a level of interactivity unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

Fans of future-femme contemporaries like Grimes will fall in love with ‘Digital Gloss’ from the jump as building opener ‘Around You’ swirls effortlessly around a bed of glittering synths. Other standout tracks include the technicolored follow-up track ‘QT’ with its glitching vocal refrain and sugary sweet  production and R&B tinged ‘Pretty’ where MEYY flexes her French with some of her smoothest and smokiest verse cadences to date. Opening up on creating the project, MEYY shares:

“Intentionally or accidentally, in the midst of all extensive technological developments, we as humans are turning towards a new perception. One that is partly present in another reality, created to simplify, enhance or even surpass the experience of being human. Life around us has changed astonishingly and yet our bodies have evolutionarily been the same for about 300 000 years. How do we manoeuvre in our rapidly changing context? How do we preserve the core of existence? To me, we do that through Love. The center and origin of everything that ever existed. I believe music is one of the most accessible and effective ways to connect with that core, to access your emotions and in all elongation of that: love.” – MEYY

out now via: MEYY
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