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Moby launched a new project/label in 2022 called always centered at night which gave him a space to create music that is emotional, atmospheric, uncompromising and beautiful, as he showcased voices from across the world.

He has his next release to share with us this week which is an incredibly beautiful song titled ‘transit’ that has him working with a rising Dutch-Sudanese singer who goes by the name Gaidaa, and it also comes with an exceptional Segraphy directed music video that helps take this song to all new levels. 

“Throughout generations, many Peruvians have been in strong contact with nature and their spirituality. A way of life that is all about balance: when you cut down a tree, you plant a seed afterwards. This approach on our life on earth is the most important thing I, as a director of Peruvian descent, and my team wanted to showcase in this film. I find my pride in the resilience of my people and the happiness within they find. A philosophy and way of life, we as creators think modern western civilisation could learn from a lot.

The people in this film all have their own very unique stories. All of these people have helped out tremendously, and we have tried to help them in the best way we could. Everyone you see in this film has permitted us to show their story. We want to thank all the kind, beautiful and supportive people who made this film possible.” ~ Segraphy

out now via: always centered at night
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram 

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