We have a very underrated artist to share with you today.

He’s a Barcelonian producer who goes by the name Plastic DJ and he’s just released what looks like his 13th album. It’s called “Fate in the Sand” and it is an impressive eight-track collection of beautifully atmospheric, disco-house inspired music that I am really enjoying. I’m definitely going to do a deep-dive into his back-catalogue after hearing this one!  

“I started working on this album in August 2022 combining hours in the studio with relax moments in the beach (Costa Brava). The beach suggested me the album title “Fate in the Sand”. I was looking for a very balearic sound for this album and this is what I get. Plastic DJ has a particular sound mostly defined by the old school bass lines and the kick marking time on eights. This is the 13th album by Plastic DJ and problably it’s the album that took me most time to finish.” ~ Plastic DJ

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