UK producer Verdance has just dropped a new album called “Permanence” which is a glorious eight-track collection of his dreamy/atmospheric electronica that we do tend to have a bit of a soft-spot for. I love a song that takes the listener on a journey and getting a whole album of those is a real treat for me.  

“The name sums up what music means to me – at the moment I feel that so much in the world is beyond my control, is constantly changing, and at odds with each other. Music, on the other hand, is a safe constant, and it’s something I can have a say in. The opening track Semblance is a facade – a calm, thoughtful piece that hides the busy undercurrents of reality below. Meander is the first movement towards stability, with themes of healing, and growth. Shore, Sundown and Fight the Tide demonstrate power and drive – making the most of now. By the end, Mercy is taking stock of what has gone before it, and what will come next.” ~ Verdance

out now via: Stereofox
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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