A London newcomer who goes by the name House of EL has a new track to share with us this week called ‘Tonight’ which is the perfect fusion of jazz, soul, hip-hop, funk and pop music all rolled into one, and it is so very smooth.  

It also comes with a very cool self-directed music video and as he reveals below it is a song about feeling appreciated and being noticed amidst all the noise…

“‘Tonight’ touches on the current age we live in and have lived through, at a high level I think there is so much noise going on that it’s hard to hear yourself think with all that’s going on in the world and at a granular level I think it’s touching on the fact that we all essentially want to feel appreciated and seen… or I guess loved. The video further tells the story… I just want to tell stories and make you think but this one – I want you to dance too.” ~ House of EL  

out now via: Wunderkind Recordings
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

One thought on “House of EL – ‘Tonight’

  1. I really love this track and the video as well.

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