Gorillaz gave us a another taste of their upcoming “Cracker Island” album this week with new single ‘Skinny Ape’, which also came with news of a ground-breaking larger-than-life performance to take place in New York City and London this weekend, where the Gorillaz will literally be towering over their fans as they gather together in two of the world’s most iconic cities.

Check out the trailer and the full song below, and if you’re in or around either of those cities, get down to these locations to experience this mind-blowing event for yourselves. 

Times Square, NYC – December 17th at 2:30pm ET
Piccadilly Circus, London – December 18th at 2:pm GMT 

The rest of us can tune in via their “Gorillaz Presents” app which you can find more info on right here: https://skinnyape.gorillaz.com

out now via: Parlophone Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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