With a string of impressive singles already under his belt this year, Gold Coast producer Wongo continues to go from strength to strength with his brand new single ‘Blip’, a catchy and addictive offering that will immediately get stuck in your head and provide that extra dose of energy into your system.

Beginning in a minimalistic manner with the acoustic guitar driving the upbeat tempo, ‘Blip’ allows those extremely catchy lyrics to cement themselves in your head from the word go. As we progress through, Wongo continues to build the contagiousness that is ‘Blip’ by adding thumping percussion, emphatic bass line and swirling synths that collectively provide plenty of strength and force within the mix all while transferring a significant amount of buzzing energy into your speakers. 

“This track has had a bit of a journey and I love that when a track isn’t just written and released. I originally wrote this record a couple of years ago and over the period of six months it slowly morphed into what became my last single ‘Apple’. If you are good at picking sounds apart, you can hear a lot of ‘Apple’ in this record. The amazing writer Alex Burnett wrote the lyrics and I feel they have a really good ‘light/dark’ thing going on. There’s big distorted acid sounds but turned down in volume just enough to let the sweetness of the vocal champion the song. I recently sent it to Confidence Man and they vibed so hard I had to make sure it was my next release!” – Wongo

out now via: TMRW Music
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